Jet setters know the importance of every minute wasted during lag in schedule at commercial airlines. Efficiency in airport parking, baggage checking, and security lines cause delays instead of facilitating orderly procedures. For whatever purposes your trips are for, whether you fly for a corporate meeting or a personal plan, traveling should work on your favor. Chartered flights are in. If you can afford a private jet, why not?

Flying on a private jet does not come cheap nor overpriced. With the exquisite services provided, it is worth every penny. Different rates apply charging for every hour. It is the best way to travel. The experience of luxury and effectiveness of traveling on a chartered flight puts first class trips to shame. The private jet waits for you, and not the other way around. You can arrive when you can and the whole trip works at your pace. Also, you may choose which airport you prefer to land on. There are less worries in runway traffic jam when in a private jet too, unlike commercial aircrafts boarding hundreds of people. This is a luxurious privilege and if you can have it for yourself, then why not?

Jet setters traveling on chartered flights are entitled to choose their desired aircraft. The sleek and elegant interior design of each aircrafts make the experience more luxurious. From designer materials to expensive pieces, every space inside a private jet is well-furnished to make traveling enjoyable. Gourmet meals are served and travelers can request for exquisite food to snack on as well. The cabin contains different beverages served by friendly flight attendants. In-flight entertainment are much better when you have a private jet all be yourself, or with your chosen companions.

If during commercial trips every minute goes to waste, your time is well-spent on class and special moments. A luxurious trip on a private jet is an important treat for you; you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the jet setter's life.